D E A R   B R I D E  &  G R O O M ,


Hello! I'm Ashley. Pleased to meet you. Congratulations on your engagement. This will be one of the most cherished seasons of your lives. Breathe in every moment. 

As you search for a photographer to document your wedding and engagement, you'll have a lot of choices to make and a lot of options to consider. I hope that you find a photographer that you feel comfortable around and whose work moves y ou. Style wise, I aim to capture genuine moments as well as beautiful, timeless portraits. I prefer an overall bright and white look. You can count on me being very involved when making the schedule for your wedding day, and I'll be as directional as you need me to be during our session times. Some couples need more instruction than others, but the more natural I can help you be, the more we will both like your final photos.

My own special day was five years ago, where I married my best friend. Together we have a passion for helping hurting children as foster parents, and currently have two sweet little ones. I have a master's degree in mathematics, am addicted to popcorn, and love a good DIY project. 

I can't wait to learn about you and your love story. 



L O V E ,  Ashley