What should I wear to my engagement or family session?

Choose a color pallete and select pieces from that pallet, but avoid being overly matchy matchy. Layers add interest and break up your photos, especially for groups of people. Consider adding an accessory like a scarf or a statement necklaces. Be choosy about your textures. Avoid large prints and writing, and instead opt for small patterns. Also, break things up by pairing a dress with tights for her with pants for him.

What is your style of photography?

I like a very bright, classic, timeless style. I use a clean edit technique on my photos. I aim for a mix of candid photos as well as gently posed ones. Detail photos are very, very important to me. For your wedding, I'll give you a list of items I would like you to make available to me when I first arrive. I feel that the detail photos are a huge opportunity for showcases the style and beauty of your wedding.

We're not models. Will you give us direction?

Absolutely. This is part of why you've chosen to hire a professional. Some couples require more direction than others, and I'm happy to adapt to your level of comfortability in front of the camera.

When I hire you for my wedding, do I get one photographer and how many photos do I get?

Yep I'm a one woman show. I've used a second shooter before, but I've found that I keep the style of my photos most consistent when I work alone. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist too, so I'm typically most pleased with images I take. I've never had any trouble capturing all of the important moments while working alone. Weddings usually produce over 500 images. 

Since I'm getting printing rights to my photos, where should I print at?

Good question! Even the most beautiful photos only shine in print format when printed with a quality shop. If you need photos quickly or affordably, Sam's Club is a fine choice. There are dozens of online shops that do great work. I'm most familiar with MPix. You can order straight through them, at their cost (no mark-up by me), straight from your gallery within my website.

How long will it take to get my photos?

I try to get family and engagement photos to you in about two weeks. For weddings, expect a maximum of 6 weeks, but that's during my busy season, so it could be much quicker. If you have a specific need for a quick turnaround, talk to me.

What does it take to book you for my wedding?

I need a signed wedding contract and a $500 deposit, which does apply towards the total price. I can email that to you whenever you're ready.

Should we see each other before our wedding? What are your thoughts?

This is entirely a personal choice that only you can make. I will say that for my own wedding, seeing my husband before did not take one ounce away from the specialness of me walking down the aisle. The advantage to seeing your fiance before is that we can take most posed photos before the wedding, meaning you won't be held up from entering your reception.

Will you travel for my wedding?

For any travel beyond forty miles roundtrip, I'll ask for a mileage fee, which is currently $0.40 per mile in excess of that first forty miles. If my travel time is around two hours or more, then I'll also ask for an overnight accomodation.